Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Alright… First of all, Happy Thanksgiving week…

Secondly, to all of you negative nancies who are still saying “Eh, I could keep summer around for another week or so…”


It’s time to do your civic winter duty and start praying for snow. Snow makes everything fresh, and new and clean. It even has its own smell, and right now, my olfactory glands are waiting for that first sniff of what is supposed to be a winter of freedom, fun, and freshies. So yes, when winter has stayed a day too long, and we are all craving a tan to match our faces and to even out those racoon eyes, I will be right there with you… heck… I’ll even do a dance to the sun god. But for now, there is only one decider of the snow fates and his name is Ullr… and we love him.

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