Take a Look Outside, Folks

This is my third winter in Breckenridge, and let me tell you, I have seen it all. Don’t let me bore you with numbers and statistics (don’t worry, I don’t remember the numbers and statistics), but it’s true! When I say I have seen it all, I don’t mean the world. Please don’t get confused and just follow along.

The first winter I was here, it pretty much just snowed all the time. From the moment I arrived in Summit county to the end of the first glorious ski and snowboard season, it was always snowing. I think we may have set some kind of record…check the books. I worked at The North Face Breckenridge and www.breckgear.com. It was pretty awesome.

Last winter: (Year # 2). Pretty great year. A friend told me that in terms of snowfall, we were just above average…for the season. Not bad if you ask me. Opening day was amazing and it continued this way through the Christmas season. Unfortunately January and February were dry, but it picked up for the end of the season. We were all happy.

It’s early in the season so don’t get the wrong idea, but…This winter the trend is as follows: no snow, lots of mountain biking, high pressure, no snow. Hold on!….take a look OUTSIDE folks. I thinks there may be something going on :-) I have pictures of SNOWand Sambucca. Why don’t you take a look? It’s the real thing…

Yeah kids, it’s the real thing. I hope to wake up in the morning with a foot of snow on the ground…I’ll take more. We really need it. I have new skis (with no bindings) so we really, really need it.

Any English teachers looking for a job?!!

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