Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 4: For the (Crazy) One Who Chooses to Hike up Mountains. In -5 Degrees.

One of the most difficult activities to dress for is the one where you’re sweating profusely when it’s below freezing outside. Skinning, cross country skiing, skate skiing, even snowshoeing. These high aerobic activities leave you either sweating out your shell or shivering in your fleece when the wind comes up.

The Jakson jacket is a new hybrid construction jacket released this year. The arms are Polartec Powerstretch fleece for maximum breathability. Powerstretch is one of the most efficient fabrics on the market. The outside can be coated in sweat while the inside stays warm and dry.  The body is insulated with 133 grams of Primaloft with a virtually windproof nylon. If you haven’t tried Primaloft yet, go get yourself some. The warmth created by such a lightweight  fabric is mind blowing. This jacket is really the best of both worlds- breathable, yet warm.

The Mountain pant is a 2-layer Gore-Tex, full side zip, shell pant. The lack of insulation allows for more tailored layering, while the full side zip means maximum air intake, short of losing your pants all together.

Top that off with a Polartec Powerstretch Ascent beanie and Apex gloves, which are windproof, but uninsulated. Stow your avy gear in the Chugach 16 pack when venturing into the backcountry. Bonus: the Chugach has an insulated hydration sleeve- which means, maybe, just maybe, your water won’t freeze this time.

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