How to Layer: The Real Warmth

So it’s close to 20 degrees outside and you have your wool baselayer and your midweight jacket. What do you wear in between?

Our favorite? The Zephyrus pullover.

With 40 grams of Primaloft (the warmest, softest, driest, and most compressible insulation on the market), the Zephyrus weighs in at 8.82 oz, which is less than two Clif bars. The warmth? It’s way warmer than that heavyweight fleece you’ve been wearing under your jacket all of these years (average weight: 20.4 oz, average bulk: think overstuffed couch). Pull on a Zephyrus, forget you’re wearing it, and be warm and comfortable on the mountain. No more pulling at armpits to adjust layers, no more arranging cuffs in the correct order. Lose a zipper or two and breathe a little easier.

Tomorrow: Mid layer for the 10 degrees or less days.

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