Sick Pow

The forecasters have been forecasting (strange, huh?) 3-12 inches of snow for Summit for, oh, the past three weeks and what have we gotten? Zero, zilch, nada. I mean really, it’s to the point that whenever any type of snow is forecasted, we simply assume we will get, um, well, nothing. We’ve even been watching the radar and a couple of storms have been heading straight for the central part of the state when at the last moment, they turn south and it becomes an upslope storm.
Yesterday, however, we found the perfect forecaster in our co-worker Timmy, when he mentioned that when San Fran gets rain, we get dumped on. We quickly checked the radar and nothing less than San Francisco rain was happening. Overnight we indeed caught 5″ of new snow. I know in the grand scope of things 5″ is measly. Especially when Wolf Creek has received over 7 feet in the past two weeks. But, as they say, beggars cannot be choosers and indeed we are beggars. Our livelihoods depend on tourists and no snow brings no tourists. So instead, we chose to pay homage to Ullr today by bringing out the planks and hitting the snow.
We amassed a group of 9, most of whom work at The North Face or Main Street Outlet, and skied around on some pretty nice fluff. There was much hooting and hollering to be had, letting Ullr know we were quite satisfied with his offerings and that we would accept more. E chair never opened, but around noontime the lifties dropped the lift line to T-bar (try not to ride it like this) and some nice pow turns down Contest Bowl happened. Now we no longer possess the “congested white strips of death”.We experienced a little Brecken-wind, but thankfully no Brecken-fridge and all nine of us arrived home or at work a little more tired and a lot more happy. Thanks Ullr.
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