The North Face Breckenrige Christmas party – 2007 style

Thanks Tony for the great post! I think that very same morning you were enjoying the always awesome Ore Bucket, I was working, not skiing. Today I met up with my friend Caroline randomly on Peak 8 and ventured over toward Peak 7. We didn’t enjoy the same powder that Tony found the other day, but the runs were smooth and fast. See, Caroline has this little spinal cord issue and she is taking it easy these days. I had no problem hanging out with this fabulous gal on the groomers and loved catching up for the first time since last winter.

As you know, all of us kids at THE NORTH FACE BRECKENRIDGE had a Christmas party last week here in town, and we painted it up as usual! I am an idiot and my camera was on the “slow exposure” setting, making some of my pics a little blurry……you’ll get the idea. Watch how the night progresses!
So we get a shuttle from town up to the mountain lodge where we meet up with our adult friends……

Greg and Jacque enjoying delicious appetizers while we all mingle…….

Austin and Ashley just being cute……..

We play white elephant, my gift was Jack. Well, I stole it from Shaun at the end cause it’s my favorite!……..

Don’t worry, Katie and Tony made it through the night. They were just sad cause they didn’t get my fruit basket in the white elephant game. Sorry guys, maybe next year!………

Steve and Susan, making it all possible and also looking pretty cute…

Katie, Kelly and Christina…I don’t know what to say…

OK, were on the shuttle again, heading to town with full bellies. Tony looks warm and you wont miss him because he has reflective logos on his Prism Optimus……..

I don’t think Shaun likes this kind! I thought everyone liked Jager?!

I better stop here. Until next time folks, thanks for checking in!

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Peak 7 now open!

I’m sitting here after another beautiful day of skiing at Breckenridge and decided I would like to share a story with you all. This is not going to be the story about the three-year old who refused, for over an hour, to put ski pants and boots back on after a potty break at Ski School yesterday. Rather, this is the story of Peak 7 and the Independence Super Chair opening at Breck on Friday. It seems that no other person on the mountain that morning knew this chairlift would be running, and I was the only one lapping this area for a solid 45 minutes. Just skier’s left off the Independence lift there is a gladed black run known as Ore Bucket. This was the first morning all season Ore Bucket was open. Since we had received more than a few feet of snow this year, and the groomers cannot and will not reach this run, I was skiing in powder. Lot’s of powder. Think of those ski movies where the guys pop out from behind trees and make awesome powder turns while getting splashed in the face with tons of snow. That was me for at least 6 runs. It took nearly this long for any other skiers to join me in this wonderland of snowy perfection. Around this time I headed home to clean up for my afternoon shift at The North Face Breckenridge. Despite the chilly temperatures in the single digits all morning, I was comfy with my Aurora Zip Neck and Momentum mid-layers under my shell, and my fingers were almost sweating inside my down-filled, waterproof Nuptse Mitts. I would include a few pictures for your viewing pleasure from that nearly epic morning, but I was having so much fun floating through the fluffy stuff that I plum forgot to pull out the camera. Perhaps you will have to venture up here to Breckenridge to see for yourself how great our skiing is this year! And stop into The North Face store on Main Street or visit to get outfitted in the latest and greatest gear for your all your outdoor excursions.

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Breckenridge At Night

This past weekend we got tons more snow and it really set us up nice for the upcoming holiday.

Look at how beautiful Breckenridge is at night, right outside our store!

Today I took a day off from skiing to get some cleaning done at my house. Sometimes we just have to be adults here and be responsible. Tomorrow though, I have the whole day off. You know I will be on the hill!!!

All of us here at THE NORTH FACE BRECKENRIDGE are looking forward to our holiday party tomorrow night. Food, drinks and fun…I can’t wait!

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Hello all!!!

Everyone out enjoying the snow? Hope so! We are supposed to get more this evening… so we will see… as Kelly says. ” I wont believe it till I see it”. Hope you are all well.


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Your Weather Report from The North Face Breckenridge

You have to look at the WEATHER REPORT for Breckenridge! Whats going outside is truly amazing and I don’t work until 3:00 tomorrow. Life is good I think. I am looking for someone to ski with tomorrow since Chris has to work…Kelly, Katie…anyone?!!

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A winter wonderland waiting to be conquered

Hey kids! Im sorry Ive been out of touch for a week or so, but the fresh powder has been calling my name! Yesterday I went with ‘my boys’ Andy, Kelly, Shaun, Austin and Ethan to the Oakley Rolling-O Lab at Loveland to ride and check out their touring lab. It was amazing. Like I have said before, I am from Oregon and we don’t see powder like this back home! I have always been on some form of race ski, and it was time to shed the old and rock some of the new, so I demoed a pair of Rossignol Scratch BC’s and fell in love with them. I have never owned anything that was wider than maybe 60 underfoot, so riding something that is 90 underfoot was a totally different animal! I think that Santa will be getting a request coming soon. It’s always a blast to ski with the guys that I work with. They are such an amazing crew, with a fantastic sense of humor and are willing to go anywhere and try anything. They really take my skiing and my sense of adventure to the next level. I feel so fortunate that I am able to work with such a great group of people. The snow is still coming down, and with each snowflake the possibilities for this town and for a new adventure is endless. At night with the snow falling, everything becomes silent, and you can really think about what you want and where you want to go. I’m glad that I am here, and even more happy that I have people out here who love it as much as I do. Until next time, keep your fingers crossed, and if you ever make it out and want to ski with a great group of people, come into The North Face Breckenridge, and hit us up… we are always down to meet new people and to ski like there is no tomorrow.


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The North Face Athlete Footage

Take a glance at this cool footage

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Product Review-The North Face Men’s Sedition II Stretch Jacket

Take a look at this awesome Jacket!Mens Sedition II Stretch Jacket

This jacket is what I would call Bomber! Gore-tex soft shells are amazing. The Sedition II Stretch Jacket is an industry leader in waterproof softshell technology. The stretch performance in the Sedition lets you move so well and the thin fleece backing makes it possible to shed a layer you might need with other uninsulated shells. Kelly just rode in this jacket today for the first time and he said it was by far the best piece he has ever used. Comfortable and warm……this is the one we all want!

Check out this jacket and other great items at The North Face Breckenridge and

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Hey Everyone. Its snowing here in Breckenridge, and its really coming down this time! Check out the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE report for Breck! You will be excited…looks like we will be getting lots of snow in the upcoming days.

Also take a look at the Live Web Cam for Breckenridge. This is proof of whats happening in Breck right now! Hurry up and get here before I get all the fresh tracks!

The Rolling O-lab was great this morning. I went to Loveland Ski Area with Kelly, Katie, Shaun, Austin, and Ethan to ski some sick powder and get a glance at their Snow Team. I get cold so let me tell you how I stayed warm on the mountain today. Its all about the right gear!

I love this jacket so much because I really do get cold out there and this one keeps me warm! When this jacket is underneath my Summit Series shell, I can’t feel any bulk at all!

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Oakley Rolling O-Lab

Breckenridge Winter

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Andy here. Just wanted to clarify.

The OAKLEY ROLLING O-LAB is coming to town. Take a look at the schedule below to find out more about all the GREAT stuff thats happening in BRECKENRIDGE this weekend!

Saturday Dec 8th – Breckenridge
Come and chill out with the Rolling O-Lab crew street-side in the Blue River Plaza to the beats of DJ Bobby C and get intimate with Oakley’s technology.
Clinics/Tours every hour on the hour (VIP passes to afterparty for tour participants)
Autographs and appearances from our Snow Team.

Party: Club Cecilia’s in Breckenridge 8 pm Doors Guttermouth followed by DJ Phase Rock for late night chillin. Red Bull drink specials VIP passes for all of those who participated in the Rev Tour events.

breck gear
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THE NORTH FACE Breckenridge

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