The Annual Christmas Party

The Christmas party is one of the few times we can all be together, especially in the winter, and we enjoy every moment of it.

After eating the traditional prime rib and shrimp dinner, it was time for the white elephant.

Lara looks scared of her gift. And for good reason. We try for the most ridiculous gifts we possibly can.

A garden gnome that was traded a surprising number of times. There was a second gnome that we passed just as much. Little men with their butts out make twenty-something guys happy.

 Andy got a Snuggie. I think these may become an annual tradition. We just can’t pass up the quality of the fleece. Andy, I’m sorry you didn’t get the camo fanny pack beer holder. Maybe next year.

 And Brett’s tree topper. I really hope that made it on to their tree at home. It’s simply too beautiful to not display.

 When we  got back to the shop, Carrie, Adam, and Stef played the spoons for us. It was an incredible show. Maybe next year they can get a night at 320.

And, the fireplace picture. Thanks again for a great party, Steve and Susan. We appreciate it more than you know!

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TNF Athlete Interview

The North Face athlete, Alex Honnold, was interviewed on 60 Minutes last night. He is a free-soloist, which means he climbs without any harness, rope, or partner. He has first ascents to his name at 25 years old and frequently free solos 5.12 and 5.13 routes- something most people cannot even climb with protection. How does he do it? He says, “it’s not easy to be scared if you know you won’t fall.” Well, I suppose that’s true. Check out the interview.

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Happy Holidays

We hope your holidays are filled with joy, graditude, and sunny skies.

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Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 15: For the One You Want to Cuddle with on the Couch

A couple of days ago we posted about the Denali Thermal beanie, gloves, and scarf. Take that softness and times it by 20 and you have an entire Mossbud outfit. The material, a high loft 300 gram weight fleece, is indescribably warm. When I am chilled after skiing, I come home to these pants and top for a guaranteed warm- no blanket needed. The material is as soft on the inside as the outside, for a luxuriousness against your skin not easily found in other products.

I can’t guarantee you’ll look as good as this picture, but I can pretty much ensure that you will never want to take them off.

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Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 14: For the Vertical Ice Fanatic

Not everyone can look as manly as Chris does in the Half Dome jacket and pant, but you can sure try. The Half Dome, made with Gore Tex Stretch Pro material, adds a bit of stretch to the waterproof, breathable membrane you’ve come to trust. Take this jacket and pant up the mountain for a skin, out on the best of the Breckenwind days, or on your trip to Whistler in the spring when you’re in for a good rain before your ski day. Add a day of ice climbing and you’ll see the full benefit of the material.

The Kelvin glove is a staff favorite. We especially love the pop of tan- it lends a nice work glove, true-mountain feel to your setup. The long gauntlet not your style? Tuck the cuff into your jacket with the Patrol glove, instead.

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Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 13: The Little Additions that Mean the Most

That bunny you cuddled last week? He has nothing on our luxurious high loft fleece. Surprise your girl with the Denali Thermal glove, beanie, and scarf.  She may have to hire a body guard to keep strangers from petting her head. Seriously.

The Gordon Lyons beanie and scarf are the perfect compliment to keep the man you care about comfortable on the way home from the in-laws’ (as long as he survived) this holiday season. Light, but toasty, he’ll reach for these every time.

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Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 12: For the Serious Pow Skier

I know many guys who won’t ski the mountain in anything but a bib pant. Added snow protection, wind protection and one less waistband is enough to convert even the most die-hard traditional pant fan. The Skull Horn bib does all of these things with an additional chest pocket to store your valuables close to your heart. With the added warmth a bib provides, a shell jacket is enough for most guys. Shells are more versatile: layer up for chilly days and pare down for warm days. We added a Cletus flannel underneath, for a little warmth/a little look-good-for-the-girls. Show off your TNF steeze with the Timberline flat brim.

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Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 11: For his Warm Day Turns

When the days get longer and snow gets softer, pull out the Kingvale jacket. One of the few perfectly lightweight softshells with a powder skirt for the times when the weather is warm but the snow is deep. The Slasher Cargo in lantern green compliments the jacket with insulation in the seat and knees. Reach in the cargo pockets to find the Lot Lift cinch cord so you can avoid dragging your pants walking to the local bar. Rock the pom pom with the Ski Tuke II, probably the raddest beanie around.

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Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 10: For the Perfect Spring Slush

When spring sets in after a long winter of -63 degree windchill, it’s time to shed the down parka and grab an eye-catching softshell with a fuzzy fleece lining. The Morgan jacket keeps out the wind and sheds water. The Shawty pant is insulted in just the right places- the seat and knees. Layer it up for colder days and pare down for the slushy good days. Add a Reversible North Point beanie for around town.

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Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 9: For the Guy Who Rocks the Deck

Stay warm and comfy in the Diez pullover. Filled with the highest quality 900 fill down, the Diez transitions from bitter-cold-day layering piece, to around town, light as air jacket. Add a Grizzly Lake flannel underneath to complete the true mountain dweller attire. With a Untracked hat that he can wear cross country skiing (it’s windproof, water resistant) or out to dinner (as long as the sweat marks aren’t apparent) and the Ballard boot (waterproof, insulated with 200 grams of Primaloft, Winter grip sole), he is happy and good looking. No man asks for more.

Our number is: 1-877-TNF-BRECK

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