Mud Season

The month of May was quiet around the streets of Breckenridge, so our staff took the opportunity to get away to Moab for a week.
It was warm, sunny and only slightly windy.
We biked. A lot.
The first trail was Amasa Back, where we met a friend.
He was a downhiller from California on his first cross country ride.
Then we hit the Slickrock trail. Some of us hit it more literally than others.
Andy going down the Slickrock trail
Brett on the Slickrock trail with the La Sals in the background
Brett and Greg lookin’ tough
We camped next to the river with some beautiful  trees.
Which, unfortunately, held mass amounts of caterpillars:
We picked them out of tents, luggage, and Greg even had one crawl up his shorts.
We also kept camp with some ferocious dogs
Jasper and Lulu playing
A sunset hike in Arches National Park to Delicate Arch was a must.
Brett, me, and Andy in a hole with the sunset laden La Sals
And, of course, there was just general goofiness, because what is a day around The North Face Breckenridge without goofiness?
Love. Just plain love.
After Greg, Jacque, and Brett left, Andy and I did some more biking.
Takin a break at the top of the Sovereign trail
After a week, it was time to head home. We all had another week off.
Andy and I headed to Maine.
We got to spend most of our time here:
Andy’s parent’s camp
On this lake
I ate lobster for the first time
Eric, Andy’s brother, me, Andy, and the lobsters in between us
Andy said, “You’re going to put one in and I’m going to take a picture of it!”
It was a wonderful vacation. Thanks, Steve, Susan, and Pete for giving us some vacation time!
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Snow, Parties, and Jackets

Main Street traffic has greatly decreased and the weather, well, the weather does what it always does. Sun, snow, rain, sun, rain…

We’ve been enjoying our couple of days of 50 degree heat- bringing out our shorts and sandals for the two hours a day it is warm enough and trying to ignore the snowy days, knowing they will eventually pass.
We had our annual end of the year party at Carter Park.

It was gorgeous and the food was wonderful, as were Steve’s famous margaritas. They warned me ahead of time not to drink too many.

Jasper and Margo photo op.

True to The North Face Breckenridge tradition, Greg, Brett, Margo, and I were matching in our Meru Paclites.

Really, Greg is just irresistible, even Brett thinks so.

Greg and I tested the jackets out about a month ago on a hut trip up on Vail Pass.

Before we left, a group of us decided to brave the 50+ mph winds and skin to the ridgeline.

Although it was windy, it was a gorgeous sunny day to be out.

Andy’s comment was the best: beautiful conditions…no wind and the snow was so soft.
Vail Pass is behind me and off to the right are the mountains of Vail Ski Area
We enjoyed the view for about thirty seconds, then took off our skins, I wallowed in the snow for a couple of minutes, sunk to my hips in snow that I couldn’t get out of to put my skis back on, and then skied down a decent pitch to get a couple of turns in.
We ended up having to traverse some tight trees to get back to the hut. Although we snagged about fifty branches between the six of us and a couple of us almost lost our balance into some tree wells, the jacket looks like I’ve kept it in the packaging.

It is now in the “take” pile for our Moab trip.

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Silverton and Sunny Days

Tucked into the San Juan Mountain Range in South Western Colorado is a little town called Silverton. About 6 miles outside of town is Silverton Mountain, a expert only guided ski area. The annual snowfall exceeds 400″ and there are far less skiers and riders on any given day. One chairlift, perfectly located, takes you everywhere you want to go. Unless you want to jump on the helicopter! The team from Smith Optics took me and 9 other lucky retailers from Colorado to Silverton on March 18. And yeah…..we got a heli drop. Here we are on the helicopter. Unfortunately no footage of the amazing line we skied.

Thank you Heather, and the rest of the Smith Optics Team. Your products and dealer satisfaction are top notch.

store news: we have wrapped up our winter season at There are only a few offerings on the site but if you are looking for something, just give us a call at The North Face Breckenridge! 1-877-TNF-BRECK We are fully stocked and getting new spring arrivals every day!

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Bluebird Week

I hope you have a gorgeous bluebird week.
The last week was incredible here, sunny and in the 50′s.
Today has been incredibly cold, but next week’s forecast looks warmer.
Here’s to warm sunny weather so we can get outside and bask in it.
Photo via: the amazing photographer Katie Thurmes, check out her wedding photos
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A Whole Lot of Awesomeness

I have been down and out for the past month- one sickness after another. Luckily, I am now on the mend and itching to adventure again. It doesn’t need to be a big adventure, I just want to be out in the snow and sunshine and on a trail or mountainside. Finally, I’m craving it again.

Yesterday, Andy and I had a day off together and I begged him to skin up Baldy with me.
Andy skinning up Baldy a couple of years ago- the views of the ski area are incredible.
It took us about two hours with Jasper and Lulu, the dogs, in tow.
Lulu and Margo
We felt especially slow when a woman skated past us on the steepest part like it was no big deal- leaving us far behind. I was exhausted by the end and Andy wanted to go to the gym. Typical.
Today I hiked/ran the Peaks Trail, right outside our apartment door.
It’s my new obsession. It is uber-close, you could go for 20 miles roundtrip if you wanted, and it is amazingly beautiful up there. In our county full of dying trees, the trees here are (shhh) big, close together, and most importantly, green. I found a little loop that has steeps, fall lines, and flats that is perfect to do in a fast hour. I just can’t get enough of it.
I am also obsessed with the best purchase I have made all season. My Shugga Thatch suit. It is incredible. I know one pieces are out, but everyone should wear one of these. You’re warm, you look like a super steeze, and it’s incredibly comfortable. No more cold winds blowing up your back.
Andy is embarrassed of me.
Hanging out on the cornice overlooking the Imperial Lift- the highest lift in North America. When you hike up here to the top you’re at about 13,000 ft. Usually the hike feels like you’re climbing Mt. Everest because it’s blowing at 50 mph. It’s great.
Even with all of this awesomeness, I find myself wishing for this
and this
and this
Soon, soon mountain biking season will be here. Now hopefully El Nino doesn’t decide to dump feet of snow in June. Please no.
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Snow Continues to Fall in Breckenridge

We may have been a little quiet about it throughout the beginning of this winter, but for a while we were in serious need of snow. Lots of snow. Much of the State of Colorado was in the same situation. This is a problem for many reasons, but three stand out the most for those of us living in the mountains. The three reasons are powder skiing, powder skiing and powder skiing. No, seriously, were not that obsessed (or maybe we are). The lack of snow can have a tremendously negative impact for the entire state. Low snowfall amounts can effect our economy, our drinking water supply, and yes, the skiing and riding.

Why are you so worried? THE SNOW IS HERE! If you’re a local you already know, and if you’re planning a trip to Breckenridge, CO there is nothing to worry about. In the last 7 days Breckenridge has reported 27″ of new snow and there was lots last week too. Put your rock skis away kids and get ready for powder.

Check out the weather report for this week. The National Weather Service is calling for MORE SNOW!

Lets talk about the economy for a moment here. Many retailers chose to cut back drastically in the amount of product they were offering the consumer this winter season with the fear that it wouldn’t sell. It you’re a retailer OR a consumer you are either running out of winter gear to sell or you are having a hard time finding the right pair of snowboard pants or the perfect technical ski jacket. At The North Face Breckenridge and we like to take a different approach. We have a great selection of ski and snowboard jackets, pants, waterproof and warm winter boots, fleece and quilted layering pieces, and tons more. Stop by at and take a look. If you don’t find it there, we have way more here at The North Face Breckenridge and we would love to hear from you. Give us a call toll free at 1-877-TNF-BRECK.

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Snow Sculptures

Check out the Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Contest. They announced the placings yesterday. I haven’t seen it yet, but have heard it’s as incredible as always.
This is a video from last year, but it’s awe-inspiring to see how they do it.
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Boones Farm, Snuggies, and the Colorado Flag

The North Face and Main Street Outlet crews gathered together to celebrate the holidays before the crowds descended.
The night was a good night.
The Boones Farm was arguably the hit gift of the night.
There were many Boones drinking pictures, unfortunately, this is the only one I have.
The Snuggies, however, were a close second.
What couple wouldn’t want matching Snuggies to wear cuddled up on the couch together?
We all agreed the fleece was top of the line. The North Face should really pick up on this line.
The White Elephant gift exchange also included an Emu boot stuffed with Marker Spring Gloves and a bottle of liquor.
As well as two homemade Colorado hats.
We aren’t simply materialistic drinkers, however.
It was a quite enjoyable to spend the evening together outside of our stores, though I must say, we all missed the store dogs, Jasper and Lulu.
Luckily Andy received a picture of them.
Greg and Jacque are the beaming parents of the pups.
Some gifts were stolen.
Exhibit A: Anna opening a homemade Colorado hat, which I, two numbers later, stole from her.
Exhibit A1: Me looking quite proud with my steal.
Some gifts,
were simply consumed.
Friends joined us who, unfortunately, no longer live here.
Austin (the Rocky Mountain rep for The North Face corporate) and his girlfriend, a much enjoyed friend, Ashley.
You can see her daily on RSN
Wives joined in the fun:
Pete and his wife Jenny, with Bill and Anna
Husbands came too.
Dean and Tam-a-lam-a-ding-dong, the office manager
When the evening closed, we pretended we liked each other and gathered close.
Then us young folk took over Ullr’s.
Though we had to sit in the snow in front of our award winning Snowflake Challenge Snoopy House first.
At Ullr’s, tallboys and general ridiculousness ensued.
Need I say anymore?
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Sick Pow

The forecasters have been forecasting (strange, huh?) 3-12 inches of snow for Summit for, oh, the past three weeks and what have we gotten? Zero, zilch, nada. I mean really, it’s to the point that whenever any type of snow is forecasted, we simply assume we will get, um, well, nothing. We’ve even been watching the radar and a couple of storms have been heading straight for the central part of the state when at the last moment, they turn south and it becomes an upslope storm.
Yesterday, however, we found the perfect forecaster in our co-worker Timmy, when he mentioned that when San Fran gets rain, we get dumped on. We quickly checked the radar and nothing less than San Francisco rain was happening. Overnight we indeed caught 5″ of new snow. I know in the grand scope of things 5″ is measly. Especially when Wolf Creek has received over 7 feet in the past two weeks. But, as they say, beggars cannot be choosers and indeed we are beggars. Our livelihoods depend on tourists and no snow brings no tourists. So instead, we chose to pay homage to Ullr today by bringing out the planks and hitting the snow.
We amassed a group of 9, most of whom work at The North Face or Main Street Outlet, and skied around on some pretty nice fluff. There was much hooting and hollering to be had, letting Ullr know we were quite satisfied with his offerings and that we would accept more. E chair never opened, but around noontime the lifties dropped the lift line to T-bar (try not to ride it like this) and some nice pow turns down Contest Bowl happened. Now we no longer possess the “congested white strips of death”.We experienced a little Brecken-wind, but thankfully no Brecken-fridge and all nine of us arrived home or at work a little more tired and a lot more happy. Thanks Ullr.
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Thanksgiving Rush

A quick announcement for those of you who are staying away from the resorts: Peak 9 is officially open with eight beginner and intermediate runs, and three lifts to service them. The Peak 8 Superconnect is open without any runs under it, but at least you will be able to run back and forth between your blues and blue blacks.

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