Skiing, Biking, Learning

Those are the three things I’ve been doing since posting. Well, maybe there are a couple more in there- working, sleeping, eating, you know, the usual. Those, however, are the most important. And, I thoroughly enjoy those three together.
Skiing: A couple of friends came up from Fort Collins two weekends ago and we headed out to the Basin (as us locals call it…I mean, it sounds far more “in” than A-Basin and exponentially better than Arapahoe Basin. So if you’re visiting and are heading up Loveland Pass to ski, make sure it’s the “Basin” you’re referencing. [Just a tip])
Roxanne, Me, and Keeley in the short lift line. Can’t you tell?
Luckily it was Keystone’s opening weekend, so the lift lines at the Basin (see how I slipped that in, doesn’t it sound like I’m in the know?) were pretty fast. We headed up the Exhibition Lift and headed straight for the Norway lift. The snow was decent, the day was unbelievable and we were having fun. In the lift lines we were practicing our best pick up lines and luckily a guy heard us and decided to use it on me on the way up the lift. Another guy turned around in line and told us we were “a hoot,” which of course, we already knew as we had accompaniment from the chair in front of us while we were singing Don’t Stop Believing the run before.
I mean, we just look fun.
I had to head out early to get to work, but for the first day of skiing, I was satisfied. Especially when dinner was ready for me, complete with table setting and tea lights when I got home that evening.
Biking: The next week was warm and sunny so a friend and I headed out to a trail in Dillon and rode our mountain bikes again.
Sara stuffing dog food in her bike bag. We like to attract bears.
The mountains were brilliant against the blue of the sky and the trees actually looked green.
Looking at Baldy and Quandary from across the county
(I guess most of the trees still look brown)
We both agreed it felt good to be out on our bikes before the snow really comes. The most exciting part of the ride though, was when we found a bear track. I used to bike alone quite often on the trails behind Summit Cove, and being afraid (ok, terrified- it might be a phobia) of bears, I would constantly be finding “bear tracks” in the mud. On closer investigation they were always footprints. But, truly, this time we went back and it looked like this: bear print. There was only one, but the ground was pretty hard.
Smiling before finding the bear print
Sara and Maddie, the real reason we had dog food
Skiing (again, it’s what we do): Last Thursday was Breck’s opening day, as Andy posted, and we definitely walked our eight minute walk up to the base and enjoyed some pancakes. Neither of us could ski that day, we had to be at work, but Timmy and Margo from The Main Street Outlet took one run and said it was great for opening day. I headed out on Saturday and though it was crowded, we took three runs and enjoyed getting out for the day.
Learning: Saturday night was the Colorado Avalanche Information Center’sBenefit Bash (yes, those are two separate links). The only thing anyone could talk about during the day on Saturday was the benefit, so I figured I should go check it out. It was a fundraiser, complete with sick give aways like free skis from Fat-ypus, a sick ski company here in Summit County, and gnarly backcountry skis fromG3, as well as trekking poles, packs, coffee, and jackets. Pretty much anything you need when you want to say, “yeah yeah gnar gnar shred some pow pow” and send it off a cornice. Anyway, everyone who is anyone in Breck was there- I swear I saw everyone I know in this town, including my cousin, which I was stoked about. There were vendors set up such as- Mountain Outfitters, Mammut, and Berthoud Pass Backcountry, where you could check out their products and they could feed you all their techy info while you sipped on your three free drinks and ate free food with your 2000 closest friends, all while it dumped outside. I would say that is a damn good night.P.S. Check out this awesome blog from a college friend living in Crested Butte. Please don’t defect blogs now that you’ve read his, though:
Tales from the Midcountry It’s also linked on our sidebar.

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Breckenridge Ski Resort Opens Tomorrow!

Breckenridge will be opening tomorrow, November 12th for the 08-09 ski and ride season! Lifts will start turning at 9:00 am and there is sure to be a line starting early with devoted locals and front-rangers all wanting to be on the first chair. Just like last year, Breck is opening Peak 8 first, so park in town and ride the Gondola up to the base.

On a good year you would find me at the lift at 7:00 am, not to ride up, but to skin up to the Vista Hause. A little morning exercise to get the blood flowing and the legs burning. Unfortunately I busted up my knee and I will need to wait a little longer before I hit the slopes this year. Anybody know a good orthopedic?! What I will be doing is taking the five minute walk from my house to the Peak 8 base to enjoy some free pancake breakfast courtesy of The Breckenridge Ski Resort. Pancakes will be served at The Bergenhof deck starting at 8:30.

Breck will open with more skiable terrain than any other Summit County Resort, with 108 acres on 4 runs including Springmeier, Spruce, Trygve’s and lower Crescendo. The tall-t’s are sure to be out too, highs in the upper 40′s will bring plenty of skiers and boarders to the upper Park Lane triple jump line.

See you there!………kind of

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First Skin of the Season

Brett, Sara, and I headed out for the first skin/snowshoe of the season on Wednesday. It was a gorgeous mid-fifty bluebird day. Although the snow was a bit hard and rutted in some places, we couldn’t have asked for any better for the beginning of November. We hiked up to Francie’s Cabin, as Sara hadn’t been there yet and the basin it’s in is hard to beat. Getting ready to head outBrett is stoked be in the woods, especially in his Sedition II Gore-Tex Softshell jacket and Park Cargo pants

Sara looks like a pro already, I however, look like I have a crazy foot.

Montana, Sara’s dog, wondering when we’re going to catch up

We had to be creative in getting a group shot. I’m rocking my El Cap Temple 1/4 zip, which is made of 100% recycled fabric. It’s wonderfully breathable and kept me dry the entire hike.

Brett’s Patrol Pack and the ridgeline between Mt. Helen and Father Dyer peak. Check out this brief history of Father Dyer. He was quite the mountain man.

After hanging out on the hut’s porch enjoying the warm day, after last week’s frigid temps, we packed back up and headed for our “ski” down. The snow was less packed than the route we took up, but that meant that there were some rocks that were simply dusted with snow, rather than covered and we did a little tip toeing (as much as you can tiptoe in skis) down the trail. By the end our quads needed some rest.

I was so glad to be getting out and doing something fun. This shoulder season has been spent moving (literally my posessions to Breck) and working. Not much adventuring has happened in the last month, so this was a much needed mountain fix for our souls.

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Speaker Series Success

It’s the end of October again, the snow is dumping on the high country, and The North Face has started hiring again. The store picked up three new hires, Kyle, Jeff, and me, Sydney.

(Snow in the summer is so exciting)

I’ve been jonesin’ over this job for a while now- Andy and I have been friends for two years now and most of the previous employees have become close friends. Not only is the store in a sweet location with awesome people (employees and employers all included), it has a blog. That, for me, was the ultimate. Not only is there outdoor gear (which I live to wear while out skiing or mountain biking), but I can write about it too? Awesome. I am a creative writing major from CSU (go Rams) and have wanted to get into writing about gear and the mountain life. I’m stoked to (mainly) take over the blog, though hopefully my coworkers will share their adventures also.

We just finished with the Speaker Series and it was a wonderful success. Over 400 people attended, blowing all of the other cities attendance records out of the water. It began snowing heavily during the meet-and-greet, where people were milling around, chatting with friends as well as Conrad and Jimmy. We walked outside to make it over to the Riverwalk Center for the presentation and were shocked at the amount of snow that had fallen. Winter is officially here and we can finally bring out our skis. My friend from Fort Collins was in and asked if I thought this snow would keep people away, but of course it’s Breck and just the opposite, it stokes people up! The presentation was amazing and awe-inspiring. To think of spending that amount of time and energy into climbing in such conditions is just incomprehensible. After the presentation we took a group picture for to send to Congress as that day (Oct 24) was the International Day of Climate Action. is a site dedicated to creating awareness about necessary climate change and is lobbying to reduce the standard for emissions from the current 387 parts per million down to 350 ppm. The North Face has become a partner in their campaign and is working to create support for

(Andy, in his Crimptastic Hybrid jacket with the pumpkin that Austin carved for us.)

After the presentation, the North Face Breckenridge staff and a couple of friends headed over to Giampietro Pasta and Pizzeria for dinner and fun. Jimmy, Conrad, Brook from The North Face corporate, and Lynsey Dyer joined us. It was an evening filled with wonderful Italian food (it’s a must stop in Breck), drink, and laughter. After the night was over we went outside and had the first snowball fight of the season.

The holiday season is close, so make sure to check out and begin ordering your gifts. Ladies take a look at the Mossbud Hoody. It’s luxurious and beautiful on. I get tons of compliments on it every time I wear it. In fact, I have it on today and it’s the perfect Sunday, feel-good-about-yourself top. It’s a must on your holiday list.

And as always, stop on in at the store, we love to see you and hear about your latest adventure.

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Athlete Profile – Bross Hannon

Sponsors: Smith Optics, The North Face Breckenridge, Lone Star Sports

A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Bross grew up in Summit County – Colorado’s playground. Influenced by his dad, a sick skier, back country enthusiast and local business owner, Bross had the support he needed to become a professional at something that comes natural to him. At home in the park, Bross can also hold his own with any all-mountain ripper in the chutes, steeps, and back country bowls.

make sure to check out this video……

Untitled from Bross Hannon on Vimeo.

Age: 15

Hometown: Silverthorne, Colorado

Home Mountains: Keystone and Breckenridge

Events: USSA Freestyle, Aspen Open

Results: 4th USSA Telluride, 2nd USSA Winterpark, 2nd A-basin big air

Coaches: Chris Carson, Everly Gohmen, Steven Smith

Interests Other Then Skiing: Skating, and just hanging out with friends

Keep posted to watch Bross progress throughout the season

WHAT COMES NEXT? Bross plans on skiing everyday and as much as he can for the rest of his life. “I hope to win larger events and compete in the Dew Tour and X Games.”

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Speaker Series with Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker-Coming to Breckenridge CO!

Right here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker will be presenting Mount Meru–”The Center of the Universe”: Teamwork and Tenacity in the Himalaya. None of us here at The North Face Breckenridge are extreme athletes or mountaineers, but we are all greatly inspired and very excited to get the chance to meet these guys in person. On Saturday October 24th at 5:30pm we will be hosting a VIP party here at The North Face Breckenridge at 322 S. Main Street. You want to be inspired? Go to The North Face Speaker Series site and get yourself a ticket to the VIP party. Enjoy wine, beer and delicious food. Support the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center with your ticket purchase. Get $20 back if you spend $100 or more in our store. All of this before you enjoy preferred seating at the presentation at The Riverwalk center. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Check out this video preview and please join us on Saturday, October 24th, 5:30 pm at 322 S. Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado. Better known as The North Face Breckenridge!

Don’t know how to get here? Its easy! HERES YOUR GOOGLE MAP

View Larger Map

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September Snow in Breckenridge generates BUZZ!!

Yes, I said it, we got snow here in Breckenridge in the month of September, and here’s a picture to prove it! As you can see, the trails on peak 8 are blanketed with a nice dusting of the white stuff! This week its been starting to look a lot like winter, with lows in the 20′s and highs in the 40′s. Are we surprised? No way! At 10,000 feet when Fall rolls around, you have to be ready for anything! What do I think about all of this? I’m pretty excited to get out there and use some of the new winter The North Face gear I got for this season, I just wish there was no “mud season” in between summer and winter. This week its snow, but next week we should have weather in the 60′s, perfect for a nice bike ride around Summit County. Once the mountains are open for skiing and riding, I’ll really be ready. On November 12th, Breckenridge Ski Resort will be opening Peak 8!

Other good news around the county, A-Basin and Loveland ski areas have begun making snow for the upcoming season! The temps have been cold enough to keep the guns blowing the man made snow and the two resorts are again in a race to see who can open the first “white strip of death”.
Make sure to check out to look at our new The North Face winter arrivals. Just this past week we received lots of new styles and colors to help you get ready and stay warm this winter.
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More Details–Never Stop Exploring Speaker Series

As you know, on Saturday October 24th, Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker will be coming to Breckenridge, CO as part of The North Face Never Stop Exploring Speaker Series. Here at the shop we are getting excited to meet and chat with these extraordinary individuals. By attending the VIP party hosted here at The North Face Breckenridge at 322 S. Main Street you can get a unique chance to meet with Jimmy and Conrad. The VIP event starts at 5:30 pm and gives you an opportunity to chat, chill and shop if you want. By purchasing the $20 VIP pass, you not only get the chance to meet with Jimmy and Conrad, but we’ll give you $25 back on any $100 purchase here at the store. Thats 25% off on the latest and greatest NEW winter gear from The North Face.


Ticket Options:

7 pm at Riverwalk Center-Free Seat/Limited availability

7 pm at The Riverwalk Center-$8.00/Guaranteed Seat

5:30 pm at The North Face Breckenridge

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The North Face Speaker Series

Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin, two inspiring The North Face athletes will be coming to Breckenridge this fall as part of The North Face Never Stop Exploring Speaker Series. We will be sponsoring a meet and greet VIP party at our store, The North Face Breckenridge at 322 S. Main Street, on October 24, 2009 at 5:30 pm. Here you will get a chance to talk with both athletes and we hope that locals and visitors take advantage of this unique opportunity. At 7:00 pm, walk over to The Riverwalk Center here in Breck for Mt. Meru-”The Center of the Universe”: Teamwork & Tenacity in the Himalaya, presented by Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker. Take a peak into the minds and souls of these two incredible mountaineers as they are pushed to the limit to survive the hardest climbs of their careers.

We recommend reserving your tickets in advance, as this is sure to be a sold-out event. Just go to The North Face Speaker Series page to save yourself a spot for the evening. The VIP Reception and Preferred Seat package is the best value. This $20 ticket gives you the chance to meet with Jimmy and Conrad at our store here in Breck, 25% off on a $100 purchase at The North Face Breckenridge at 322 S. Main, and the best seats in the house for the main event.

Be sure to keep posted for athlete bios and more details about this event!

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Cool Temps

I wasn’t ready for it. This week I opened the season’s first box of winter gear. I immediately took stock of what was happening around me, and all the tell tale signs of summer in the mountains were still in effect. The Aspen trees are still green, the wildflowers are out in abundance and the back decks of every bar in Breck are still packed at sun down. I am not ready to hang up the bicycles for the summer. The thought of hiking in snow sent a chill down my spine. Why was The North Face trying to shove winter into our already-too-short summer? I was quite offended and begrudgingly began the task of unpacking and organizing all the new product.
I opened boxes containing radically redesigned down jackets, clothing containing new carbon from bamboo technology, merino wool products that looked warm and comfy while just hanging on the rack. They unleashed waterproof/windproof soft shell jackets that stretch like yoga masters and of course the army of old stand bys that I was strangely glad to see again.
Once it was all unpacked I did what any self-respecting shop employee would do. I tried everything on. I tested out new combinations of outerwear and insulating layers. I tested the fit and movement of all the new pieces and before I knew it I was grinning ear to ear. I went home, put in my favorite Warren Miller flick and wondered “Is it winter yet?!?”

Thanks and don’t forget We will have all that product for you soon!

Jasper the Dog.

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