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Mountain Bike Stoke

Check out this video of TNF snowboarder Ralph Backstrom mountain biking in New Zealand New Zealand Mountain Biking Video from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo. Here’s another one of TNF skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa summer bike road trip 2010 hi res from sage … Continue reading

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Mud Season

The month of May was quiet around the streets of Breckenridge, so our staff took the opportunity to get away to Moab for a week. It was warm, sunny and only slightly windy. We biked. A lot. The first trail … Continue reading

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Skiing, Biking, Learning

Those are the three things I’ve been doing since posting. Well, maybe there are a couple more in there- working, sleeping, eating, you know, the usual. Those, however, are the most important. And, I thoroughly enjoy those three together. Skiing: … Continue reading

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Monarch butterflies, the roaming herds of African Wilda Beasts and Summit county residents all have one major thing in common. Seasonal migration. Every spring, while the snow melts and the tourism takes a break the residents of summit county attempt … Continue reading

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Locals who ride faster than me…..a lot faster

Last night was my first time racing in the Summit Mountain Challenge, a racing series that caters to locals here in Summit County. Some of the riders are pros, and a handful are guys and gals that are in pretty … Continue reading

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Shop Dog

If you are strolling Main Street in Breckenridge it’s just about guaranteed that you will be saying hello and possibly petting numerous dogs along your way. At The North Face Breckenridge (www.breckgear.com), there is a friendly dog here almost most … Continue reading

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